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Kuwahara Packable Tote Bag


KUWAHARAパーツはオリジナルデザインのパーツやOld School BMXのカスタマイズに最適なアクセサリーなどが数多くラインナップされております。



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The Kuwahara logo is printed on this eco-bag, which is convenient for daily use.


The storage bag and the main body are each printed with a different logo design.


The size is 420mm in width, 370mm in height, and the gusset at the bottom is 120mm, so it can hold a lot of stuff. It is packable, so you can pack it up small and carry it with you when you are not using it. When it is packed small, the Kuwahara logo is designed to be on the surface.


The handle is 550mm, so you can use it as a handbag or shoulder bag.


It is available in two colors: black, which is less likely to get dirty, and green, which is also the image color of Kuwahara.


Material: 100% polyester


Size: W420mm / H370mm / D120mm (not including the handle)


Color: Black, Green


Precautions for use


●It may tear if it is pulled too hard or handled roughly.

●Please be careful not to put sharp objects, sharp objects, or very heavy loads in the bag.

●Do not place the product near a fire extinguisher.

●If the product gets dirty, wipe it off with a cloth moistened with water or lukewarm water.

●Do not use a washing machine or dryer.

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