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AS30 Rim

20inch wide rim matt black 01.png
AS30 M.BK 02.jpg
AS30 cut view 01_edited.jpg

KUWAHARAパーツはオリジナルデザインのパーツやOld School BMXのカスタマイズに最適なアクセサリーなどが数多くラインナップされております。



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This is a wide rim for 20-inch/disc brakes recommended for Perfetto.

By eccentrically positioning the spoke holes, the difference in spoke tension between the left and right sides is small, resulting in a wheel with high rigidity.

[For the front, assemble the wider side to the disc side, and for the rear, assemble the wider side to the drive side.]

Size: 20" (406)

Rim height: 19.1mm

Width: 33.74mm (OD) / 29.8mm (ID)

Number of holes: 32H

ERD: 388mm

Joint method: pin

Weight: 390g

Color: Matt Black

​Not tubeless ready

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