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Gertie Ver4.0

gertie ver4 cpred.jpg

The Hollywood movie "E.T." was one of the episodes that made KUWAHARA's name famous, and the thorough quality control behind the movie was the envy of American riders.

The current Japanese-made frame is the MTB hardtail model "Kikuichimonji I-Shiki," which is also made by a skilled Japanese frame builder with geometry suited to the Japanese satoyama.

The very popular Old School BMX series, which sells out immediately after every consumer release, is also produced overseas, but quality inspections are conducted directly at the factory each time, ensuring high quality at a low price.

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This kids' bike has a look reminiscent of BMX bikes from the 1980s, the roots of the KUWAHARA brand.

The long wheelbase for straight-line stability and the V-brakes on the front and rear wheels provide high braking force even with children's grip strength.

The seat post and steering column have been lengthened so that the handlebar height and saddle height can be adjusted as the child grows.

Stand over height: 46 cm

Seat height: approx. 52cm~ (approx. 50cm~ by cutting the seat post)

Top tube: 374mm (14.7")

Head Angle: 70° (70° with seat post cut) 

Seat angle: 74°

Rear center: 325-345mm (12,8"-13,6")

Head part: 1 1/8" Over size

Seat post diameter: 25.4mm

B.B.: BSA Thread 68mm

Wheel size: 16"

Consumer:Complete bicycle

Accessories:Front basket, bell, front and rear reflectors, training wheels




V-brakes are used in the front and rear to provide powerful braking force even with a child's grip.


Thickly padded saddle with Kuwahara logo


New low-rise aluminum handlebar for easy operation by small children


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