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Nova 24 1st Lot

Nova24 cp side 01j_rev.jpg

KUWAHARAの名を一躍有名にしたエピソードとしてハリウッドの映画 "E.T."が挙げられますが、その背景には徹底した品質管理があり、アメリカのライダーからも羨望の眼差しで見られていました。

日本製のフレームは現在MTBのハードテールモデル "Kikuichimonji 壱式"がありますが、こちらも日本の熟練したフレームビルダーによって日本の里山に適したジオメトリーで制作されております。


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Nova 24 1st Lot] is an old school BMX with 4130 Cr-Mo.


The 24" model has a larger wheel diameter than the 20" model, which provides mild handling and excellent straight-line stability, making it the perfect size for city cruising.


The <Nova 24> features distinctive loop ends, reminiscent of the popular <Nova> models of yesteryear.


Skyway's 24-inch "Tuff Wheel II," made in the USA and very popular for customization, is a distinctive six-spoke wheel with sealed bearings that is a sight to behold. The standard specs include high-quality aluminum CNC 3-piece cranks, chainrings, and a padded saddle <RS Saddle> for a comfortable ride around town.


The front brake is the standard DIA-COMPE MX1000 series, and the rear features a V-brake, also by DIA-COMPE, for greatly improved braking power. 

Size: 310mm (seat tube)


Top tube: 562mm (top tube C-C)


Head Angle: 70 ° (head angle)


Rear center: 380-405 mm


Wheel size: 24 inches


OLD: 110mm


Head parts: 1 inch (BMX size)


Seat Post Diameter: 22.2mm


B.B.: American BB


Sales Form:Completed bike only


Accessories: Chain cover, bell, front and rear reflectors, stand, owner's manual


Weight: N.A.


*The images shown are of a sample vehicle and may differ slightly from the actual product. Please understand that the product may differ slightly from the actual product. This product is manufactured for use in town. It is prohibited to drive on mountain roads or dirt roads, or to use it for any tricks or competitions.


The weight limit is 70 kg or less. (including equipment)


 Color : C.P. / Black / White

  • 4130 Cr-Mo frame

  • 4130 Cr-Mo fork 1inch Head Parts 

  • Skyway 24" Tuff Wheel 2 Black 3/8" 6-spokes

  • 3pcs Alloy Crank with 40T Charing Black or Silver

  • Kuwahara "Lightning Grips" Black

  • ​"R.S.Saddle" with Kuwahara logo

  • DIA COMPE DP-7 Plus Brake Levers & MX-1000 Caliper Brake for Front, VC-733 V-Brake for Rear, Black or Silver Anodized

rear brake zoom cp 01_edited.jpg

Braking power has been dramatically improved by the use of DIA-COMPE V-brakes.

drop out zoom black 01.jpg

The American-made Skyway Tuff Wheel II features sealed bearings for smooth rotation.

crank zoom cp 01.jpg

High quality CNC machined aluminum 3-piece cranks and chainrings


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