V-Cross bar made by NITTO再入荷


V-Cross bars made by Nitto Handlebar, a Japanese company with a reputation for high quality handlebars, are now in stock.

溶接の美しさ、メッキの輝き具合、そして"NITTO"の刻印が施されており、品質には絶対の自信がある一品です。歴代の"Kuwahara" BMXのカスタムに如何でしょうか?



The welds are beautiful, the chrome-polish is excellent, and the "Nitto" stamped on it makes this a product we're absolutely confident in. How about a customization for your Kuwahara BMX?

Unfortunately, due to the recent global popularity of bicycles, Nitto handlebars are currently very busy and this will be the last one to arrive within this year. (It's still January 2022, though...) The next shipment is still undecided, and the price is sure to go up, so please take this opportunity to order from your nearest dealer.

For more information about the product, please visit this page.


https://www.kuwahara-bike.com/v-cross-bar-made-by-nitto-int (English Version)



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