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V-Cross Bar


Handlebar for the 20-inch BMX used in the KZ-01 and KE-01 series.

Bar clamp: 22.2mm

Rise: 240mm

Width: 690mm

Back sweep: 20 °


Color: C.P.

Kuwahara is a bicycle manufacturer established in 1918. In the 1970s, the bicycle was sold to the world under the Kuwahara brand and due to its high quality and its use in the Hollywood movie [E.T.] it became a hugely popular brand.


The retro model of Old School BMX that is currently on sale is so much popular that it will be sold out immediately after the start of each retailer sale. Along with that we are also developing original products and are very popular with custom products.


The retro series are produced with under strict quality contorol in our partner factories in China and Taiwan, and the president of Kuwahara have been attending their production-line to inspect products by onself.

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